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Central California Woodcarvers

March 2011

Volume 19, Issue 3

In this issue

Club News

From the Meeting Minutes

On March 5th we had 27 members attending a fairly brief meeting with the following discussed.

The Home and Garden Show was on during the weekend of the meeting. With only the Friday monies in for the raffle we're on our way to setting a new record. Friday brought in $42 which is more than the cost of the wood and in fact more than the total raised last year.

Jim Hickey ran into a former member, Jerry Goertzen, that used to carve some very realistic looking guns. Jim will be arranging to have him come in for a meeting in a month or two. (Either April's or May's meeting.) You may want to make sure you attend them both so you won't miss out.

Unfortunately, there will be no class as scheduled after the Home and Garden Show. Don Cathey, who was to teach the class, has come down with Chicken Pox. The next class will be after the Fair in October.

An update on Del Dixon was given. He is back in the hospital, St. Agnes, (as of the date of the meeting). Doctors don't know what's causing the problems. It is hard on Del and unfortunately has taken its toll. If he is not in the hospital currently, he may be back at the Golden LivingCenter - Hy-lon which again is on Shields, east of First St. We all continue to wish him well.

Greg Essman is continuing to meet with the residents of the Palm Village Retirement Community. After the meeting, he was headed out there from 2:00 to about 3:00 or 4:00. If anyone is interested in going with Greg, talk to him at a meeting or give him a call at (559) 903-8927.

The 4th Annual Oakhurst Wood Carvers Rendezvous is coming up on April 10 - 16. It will be held at the Community Center in Oakhurst. The following is paraphrased from The Log.

There will be carving classes, demonstrations, and seminars for all levels of carvers: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. There is also crafts and programs for non-woodcarvers.

Currently, there are several different carving classes lined up. One registration fee will allow attendance to as many classes as desired or spend the whole week in just one class.

Registration is $100.00 for a single person and $150.00 for a couple, for the entire week. You will need to bring your own knives, tools and equipment. The price also includes coffee each morning, a couple of dinners and a potluck on Friday night.

The deposit will have to be cash or check. The checks are to be made out to the Oakhurst Woodcarvers Rendezvous and sent to:

Larry Smith
40389 Hwy 41 SP 67
Oakhurst, CA 93644

They have made lodging arrangements with:
Oakhurst Lodge - (559) 683-4417
High Sierra RV Park - (559) 683-7662

For more information on the Rendezvous contact:

Larry Smith
(559) 658-2405, email:
Jack Parks
(562) 425-0732, email:

Instructors, Classes, & Requirements for 2011

Rose Bielke: Will teach Pine Needle Basket Weaving.

Boles David: Will teach Painting
Tools required: Paint and brushes. Instructor will have brushes for sale. Call for list of needed supplies.

Ed Frank: Will teach the carving and painting of a Swedish Horse.

Joe Girtner: Will teach Basic Knife Sharpening and Techniques of Swedish Flat Plane Carving.

Sandy Jahrling: Will teach Wood Burning.
Tools required: Bring a Wood Burner.

Ken Maggard: Will teach Wood Turning Techniques.

Jay Mc Laughlin: Will teach Glass Etching.

Mac Mc Laughlin; Will teach Cartoon Character Carving.

Kathie Perry: Will teach Colored Glass Mosaic Stepping Stones.

Matt Pomerico: Will teach fantasy Bark House carving in Cottonwood Bark.

Nash Regalado; Will teach Indian style flute making and playing.
Tools needed: a ¼ chisel, a ¼ flat file, a ¼ round file, 1" plane, 4-way file and 5 clamps.
Class size 10 to 15 students, Class length 2 days

Beckie Rezac: Will teach carving, burning and painting techniques for Gourds, Spirit Dolls and Masks.
Tools required: Paints and wood burning equipment recommended.

Bud Sanders: Will teach Character Carving, Golf Ball Carving.

Jean Smith: Will teach Tatting.

Dick Smith: Will teach Relief Carving.

Jeffery Wardwell: Will teach Power Trout Fish Carving.


Membership dues should have been paid by now. If you haven't paid you may not be considered a member any longer. Not sure? Please check with Jack Lloyd to see. He is available at a meeting or carving session. Or you may mail your dues to:

Jack Lloyd
1584 Burl
Clovis, CA 93611

 The dues are $10.

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Show & Tell


CameraThree members had something to share with their fellow carvers for show and tell at the March 5th meeting.

Lance Leitch found four interesting carvings at a thrift store. An owl, a dog, an armadillo, and a man carrying a basket.

Larry Jordan brought in the latest whirligig that he's working on. This time he is using some carving skills to put some detail into it beyond what the instructions call for.

Lloyd Moore tried to see how long it would take him to knock out an Eagle Head that we're using for the Canes for the Veterans. He had an example of a head that was fairly complete the took him 20 minutes to carve. There were still the finishing touches to do, but was looking pretty good.

Lloyd then showed one that he spent a total of 30 minutes on. Same condition as the one before but it had some more details carved into it.

He also had one that was completely finished and that he took extra time on to get some details done right. It took him a grand total of five hours to do. This was probably more time than all the other heads he's carved put together.

Lastly, was his most popular carving he's done. Drawing from deep within his creative juices, and no doubt looking into a mirror, this Eagle Head has by some reports the most distinctive look anything could possibly have. Changing up the usual Eagle Head Cane, Lloyd had made a "Bald" Bald Eagle. The resemblance was uncanny.

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Lighter Side of the Wood


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