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Central California Woodcarvers

August 2011

Volume 19, Issue 8

In this issue

Club News

From the Meeting Minutes

For August 6th there were 25 members in attendance. Here's what was discussed.

Jim Hickey and Bert Frazier were able to view the Carrousels at Fresno State. They are on display until August 27th, (shortened by a few days from the original schedule). With over 40 horses (or other animals) in the exhibit it is the  largest outside of the Smithsonian. Call ahead to get a guided tour or stroll about the Henry Madden Library by yourself. Either way it's an amazing trip. Parking is $3 or currently free after 2:00pm. Read more at the Fresno State News web site,

As promised last month, we now have a sign-up sheet for the Fresno Fair's carving contest and booth duty. Remember that the Fair's new rules needs to have the list of contestants turned in on September 10. Don't wait until the last minute to sign up for the contest. Now you'd think that that you have a bit longer to sign up for the booth duty, but that goes pretty fast itself. So don't wait for that either.

Our booth at the Fair will be in a new location this year. As you enter the Home Arts building through the main doors it will be to the right of center. We will have the same five cabinets as last year.

The Fair is going to be more restrictive this year about who they let in for free. So if you plan on bringing someone with you, you'll need to sign-in their name also.

For the carving contest Jack Lloyd will be coming up with the prototype and so far Lloyd Moore will be judging. Like last year there will be two categories, Novice and Advanced.

We'd like to see everyone enter something into the Home Arts Department if they are able. The entries are due by September. 10 with the dropping off of the item by September 16. We have direct links to the Fair's Home page along with the page for Competitive Exhibits at our Links & Documents page.

Get your carvings ready for display. Those five cabinets  have room for everyone that would like to show their stuff. And unlike the submissions for Competitive Exhibits these don't have to have been completed within the last year.

For the raffle that we'll hold during the Fair, Lola Nelson donated a wonderful carving of a Kestrel. (Apparently "someone" forgot to snap a picture of it for this newsletter.)

Greg Essman had been asked  about a display for the Orange Cove Library to be held some time after the Fresno Fair. When brought up at the meeting a few members raised the issue that the Orange Cove Library has had numerous items stolen from it as of late. (1/3 of its books, various games, etc.) So, it was decided that it might be best to not participate with them at this time.

The topic was brought up that the California Carving Guild, (of which we are Chapter #23), had discussed the idea of charging its Chapters a flat fee that would automatically  have all Chapter members also be Guild members. The idea has been raised to the Guild's Board by our own representative, Bert Frazier.

Currently, our Chapter (along with most of the other Chapters across California) to not require Guild membership to belong to a Chapter as an ordinary member, although it is encouraged, with Guild membership covered by individual Chapters for their respective Officers. All other Guild memberships are covered by the individual members.

A lengthy debate ensued with some asking what our By Laws, and those of the Guild, stated. Our By Laws, now along with the Guild's, are on our web site at,

(This page is available only to club members. If you haven't registered on the web site yet simply follow the instructions and as a club member you will be granted access.)

An important note on this debate is that nothing has been finalized by the Guild on any of these matters yet. In fact, the Guild's Board hasn't done much more that raise the suggestion without much discussion and with no hard numbers mentioned.

From the Guild's Newsletter, The Log, "Bert Frazier suggested that instead of individual dues, each chapter would pay a certain amount each year to cover all chapter members’ CCG dues. The amount would vary based on the size of the chapter. Lynn noted that the Guild is currently based on individual members submitting their dues. This is an ongoing discussion."

Eventually it was decided to table our discussion on this issue.

Don Lenz reported that the recent Eagle Cane presentation went so well that we are already up to 49 requests for canes. That's up 20 from just last months report.

With another outstanding raffle table consisting of quite a bit of interesting items, $87 was taken in.

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Show & Tell

CameraThree members showed off their works to us during Show and Tell at the meeting.

Lloyd Moore had a caricature horse  of his own design that he carved out of butternut. It took him a couple of hours to carve this one. Over time he has carved a whole herd of these types of horses that he's given away to friends.

He also brought in a couple of his walking staffs, showing the differences between the two.

Lance Leitch had completed some very nice wood burnings. He had them sitting around for a while and decided to get them done. One of a duck, the other of an eagle. He used a semi-gloss finish on them.

Donnie Cathey showed an expressive bear cane that he carved. It was a basswood kit that he got from Tennessee. He used a poplar shaft and added an abalone insert into the handle as a personal touch.

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Lighter Side of the Wood



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