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Central California Woodcarvers

February 2013

Volume 20, Issue 1

In this issue

Club News

From our Ace Reporter

I have been asked by our President to fill in for the Secretary who has been absent due to illness.

The year started with Jim mentioning that this is the start of his seventh year as President. His suggestion that the club buy him a gift for his outstanding work was unanimously voted down. Someone suggested that Jim should buy theShow and Tell Picture club a gift. Since my dog ate my notes no one could remember very much of what Jim said. Bud Sanders gave a demonstration on sweet potato carving. Bud brought potatoes for everyone to carve but underestimated the interest, some had to share sweet potatoes. We all took our carvings home to dry. There were some great show and tell items which will be mentioned at the end of the letter.Show and Tell Picture

In February, Jim started the meeting with another try for his gift. This met with the same result plus some remarks that cannot be repeated. Don Lenz mentioned that the club had received a check for materials for the cane carvings. When the blanks are cut out you can pick up your blank from Jim. Jim said he was going to carve one this year; his last one took six years to do so we are not holding our breath. Burt mentioned that the Scouts had contacted him to see if the club would give a carving lesson for the kids. Burt asked if anyone in the club might have an interest in doing this, Roy Smith said he would have such an interest. Burt was going to contact the Scouts to see about when and where. Next month (March) Bert is going to give a demonstration on carousel horse carving. I am told by reliable sources that this is going to be quite a memorable event, so if you can attend you won't regret it.

Show and Tell Picture
Jack gave a demonstration on how he makes his knife blades. He did this on the table saw. More than
Show and Tell Picture20 people went out to Bert’s shop to watch Jack do this. I think some were there to see the fire that might result, but Jack has been doing this too long for anything like that. So there was no fire but a great number of sparks. Some people brought in their sweet potato carvings from the last meeting, Jim thought his was the ugliest one there and everyone agreed it was. There were someShow and Tell Picture great show and tell items at both meetings, as I said my cat ate my notes so mentioning them all will be difficult. Barry has pictures of the carvings and the names of the carvers will be with the pictures with one exception. The beautiful pelican cane carving doesn't have a caption. We will try to rectify this in the next news letter when the real secretary will be at his post.

Dues are due, so if you haven’t done so please pay Jack, they are still only $10 a year. Do not give Jim any money. I’m sure I forgot much of went on but then I have forgotten most of went on yesterday.

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting!

Your temporary reporter,
Alfred Newman

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