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Central California Woodcarvers

August 2013

Volume 20, Issue 4

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Club News


This is an abbreviated newsletter. The word on the street is it has something to do with "Big Jim" Hickey's presidency and his attempts at self impeachment.

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Have you ever wanted to see a carving master or an advanced carver display his skill? I mean one of our own members? We have a plethora of talent right here in our own club that we'd like to preserve it for everyone in our club, and maybe some others that might be interested. This could be used at future Fresno Fair displays, during our social events, to sell for club profit, or just for those in the club that need some help.

If you're interested in helping with this endeavor, then see Dean Stroud and let him know how you'd like to help. The filming would take place away from the usual hubbub of club activity in a way that will capture both the carving and the carver.

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The Big Fresno Fair

Don't miss it - October 2 - 14, 2013

The last chance to enter anything into the Fresno Fair is this Saturday (September 7th). And that includes entering into the carving contest. So be sure to sign up at the meeting for the carving contest.

In addition, all carvers are encouraged to provide items for the case that we'll have on display. We’re looking for all skill levels; beginning to advanced. This is not part of a competitive Fair entry. It's just for our display. You can bring your items for the next 4 or so Saturdays, but remember that if you only come to the first of the month meetings then this Saturday is your last chance to bring something.

Lastly, don't forget to sign-up for your spot at our booth. A sign-up sheet will be started on this Saturday. On the surface it wouldn't seem like it, but it's always a lot of fun to be out there. Don't miss out!

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