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Central California Woodcarvers

July 2014

Volume 21, Issue 1

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Club News

From our worry free reporter Alfred

There was a great turnout for the July meeting. Thirty-three members took their seats for another fine talk by our President Jim Hickey. First came the story of the cane presentation at the VA. The good news is no one went to jail. Things were going fine until the head of the facility saw Don Lenz and Bert Frazier cutting the canes to length. She told them they would have to go across the street to do that. They pointed out that we had been doing this for seven years, this fact had no effect on her. So Don and Bert went out and cut the canes, she went and called the police. They stayed till Don and Bert left the building. We are now looking into new places to hold the event. After hearing this story everyone had a suggestion as to what the head of the facility could do.

This years participation in the carving of the eagle heads was the best we have ever had. Twenty-one members carved at least one eagle head. Thanks to all who helped out, that's not just the carving but the painting and gluing of eyes and yes the cutting to length too. The woodturners did another fantastic job on the staffs.

Next the President talked about the fair. This year Wally Imfeld will be the fair coordinator, so if you have any questions about the fair please ask Wally. It would be great if everyone in the club put a carving in our display, this is our show so get those carvings ready. Donny Cathey is donating his eagle walking stick for the raffle this year and Jim Hickey is going to carve another eagle cane so we should generate a good amount of cash. Last year the raffle brought in over $900.

Show in tell brought in some great work. Lance Leitch showed his frog carving he had been working on for some time. Glenn Rasmussen had a very detailed donkey that Jim thought he should enter in the fair competition. Everett McClaran carved a small relief of a hot rod and showed a horse head carving done over a hundred years ago by a woman who was very skilled at her craft. Jim brought in some kind of head carving he had been working on for over 40 years. Way to go Jim, lets hope he is a little faster on the cane.

At the next meeting on August 2nd we will be celebrating Jack’s birthday, we will also be having our summer lunch. So be sure to come next time for tri tip and fixin's, plus cake and ice cream. The party and lunch will start after the meeting at 12 noon. So if you don’t want to listen to Jim just show up late in time for the meal.

So until then have a great July!

Your reporter,


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Channel 30 once again covered our "Freedom Video CaptureCane" presentation this year. To read the article and see a brief video of the event check out their page.

The Channel 30 story:

Or go to our "About Us" page on our web site:


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Lighter Side of the Wood


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