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Central California Woodcarvers

November 2010

Volume 18, Issue 11

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Club News

From the Meeting Minutes

With 26 members in attendance, the meeting on November 6th discussed the following matters.

The Fresno Fair was a wonderful success.

We took in $240 from the sales of raffle tickets. The winner was excited and picked up his prize during a Saturday session.

There were 20 people entered in the carving contest at the Fair. Unexpectedly, the Fair decided that the amateur division would also be awarded the same money and ribbons for the three top carvers as the more advanced carvers received.

And after several months of a friendly back and forth between Jim Hickey and Clarence Mattos as who will turn out to be the best carver, the answer is now in. (For this year anyway.)
Carving contest outcomeThe winner was Clarence. Jim graciously accepted the outcome and presented Clarence with his check, ribbon, and winners box.

Here's the top three in both categories.

  Advanced Amateur
Clarence Mattos
Jim Hickey
Don Cathey
Mike Fair
Jerry D'Ambrosi
Dean Stroud

Also regarding the Fair, Dean Stroud came up with a check off list for item the club needs to bring to the Fair for setup and teardown. This should help in the future.

For the third year in a row our booth won the Peoples Choice Award and we also won Best of Show for our display.

Next month's meeting will include a Christmas party. Santa Barry and LesaPlease call Bert Frazier and tell him if and how many are coming for the lunch at 275-2928. Don't forget to bring your children or grandchildren for pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Correcting a previous newsletter, the time Santa will be there is from Noon to 12:30.

Next years membership dues will soon be due. We will be able to keep those dues at a low $10 for the year.

The web site is up and running if you weren't already aware of it. Only about a third of the membership has registered on the site so far. It's not required to register, but only current members are eligible. Also, remember that if you have registered on the site to go back after it's been accepted and finish your profile. And don't forget to upload a picture.

Elections were held for Officers. The outcome for the next two year term is the following.

Jim Hickey
Don Cathey
Jack Lloyd
Barry Walzberg
Sergeant at Arms
Clarence Mattos

Congratulations to our latest board and thank you to all those that threw their hat in the race.

The only change from the last term is for Sergeant at Arms. Clarence Mattos will be installed at the December meeting.

We gotten little feedback (and none negative) about the new newsletter format. But if anyone would like to have some input with any problems or questions, or as always, if you have a tip or a story that you would like to share with your fellow members, please feel free to contact us or email the Editor!

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Show & Tell


CameraFour members shared their handy work with us for show and tell at the November 6th meeting.

Wally Imfeld had his 6 winning entries from the 6 categories he had entered at the Fair. Four of them won 1st place and two won 2nd with one of his first place pieces winning Best of Show. Way to go Wally! The grouse he entered (one of the 1st place winners) wasn't even finished. He hadn't completed the tail feathers. He's planning on finishing it up with individual feathers burnt in.

He also had his carving contest entry that he had snapped off the nose of during the contest. (ouch)

Roger Prechtel carved a Humphrey Bogart caricature complete with his own street corner and lamp post to hold at gun point. The carving is basswood with the lamp post from copper tubing. Roger also added some cigarette butts at Bogie's feet.

Roy Smith recently won a reader suggestion contest at Woodcarvers Illustrated magazine with a tool rack suggestion. Roy brought in the tool rack and the kaleidoscope/wizard he won as a prize. He finished the wizard with an upgraded crystal ball (marble) that he attached with epoxy.

Lloyd Moore showed us some more of his carvings as examples of things that can be done.

A cardinal had feet that were made from Romex wire instead of using premade pewter ones that may not hold the carving's weight. An owl with a carved base made to look like natural tree branch. A goose with painted feathers and no carved effects. Ducks with carved feathers and a carved base to look like water wakes.

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Lighter Side of the Wood


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